Organisations can assist Business World Development Trust by taking on, one of the following initiatives for your CSR project:

Adopt a student/s.

We have a database of scholars who are underprivileged who need financial assistance. South Africa has one of the greatest inequality percentages in the world. This will assist in making students from these communities have hope for a better future. Adopt a student is a good initiative for a company or an individual to embark on. It has the potential to change many generations by educating or adopting a student.

Scholars which are our primary target are those interested in business management and entrepreneurship as these students could be able to manage their own businesses.

The adopt-a-student program is an innovative response to the educational needs of the poor, abandoned and disadvantaged children in our communities — who need financial assistance to gain access to quality education. Adopting a student simply means being financially responsible for their educational costs: tuition, books, and school levies. These are costs that typically prevent poor students from going to school. The program allows 100% of your donation to go directly to the student. Your donation, irrespective of how small or large, goes a long way in funding both a student’s school costs.


5 cents Drive

A 5cent can make a huge difference to an individual’s life. Some calculation to illustrate the significance of a 5cents is: 2=10 cents, 10= 50 cents, 100= 5 rand…Our goal is collect 20 million 5cents which is equivalent to R1 000 000. A million rand can educate over 50 matriculants in a tertiary institution. Having our tins in all your stores nationwide will assist us in our drive to raise over 20 million 5cents every year. This will enable our organisation to have a greater reach.



Business World Development Trust would appreciate if your organisation/company would make our NGO a partner. Our initiatives would then be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.  The benefits of your organisation as a whole will be outlined more in the benefits to the company below.

How  we propose this partnership to work, is that we will send a projected budget on the projects that Business World Development Trust seeks to do in that particular calendar year, and all the project we initiate for that year will have your company as the main sponsors for the projects.


Teach a MAN to fish

 As the saying goes, “If you give a man a fish you will feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you will feed him for a life time,” Business World Development Trust strongly believes in the Teach a man to fish concept as opposed to giving hand outs, which is good as a relief program but not sustainable in the long-term. We prefer developing the skills of individuals in the communities so that they are able to make money to sustain themselves.

This programme is about imparting skills to recipients enabling them to start a venture in line with the needs of the community i.e. recycling rubbish, changing community gardens to small business enterprises where they can sell to the market by forming co-ops.

Benefits to the Donors


1.       The Individual Donor

When you sponsor a student, you have the opportunity to help change, not just the life of a student, but their family and community as well.


Progress reports

Every year, you’ll receive a progress report on your sponsored student, including a new photo and information on their health and education, plus updates on their whole community which will give you the opportunity to l see the positive changes taking place through updates and progress reports. You may even hear directly from the student as they write to you and tell you how their world is changing.

Within 6 months (Semester) of making your first contribution, you will receive your first letter from the student you have sponsored, informing you of the student’s progress and challenges.

2.       Benefits to company or organisation donation

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) allows individuals, Close Corporations, Trusts, Private and Public Companies or any other Tax Paying entity to donate up to 10% of their taxable income to charities that are registered as Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs). The amount donated can be deducted from the taxable income of any tax payer. This concession allows you to personally put your money where you think the government should.

The Business World Development Trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service under Section 18A, which provides tax exemption benefits to South African donors. For you to take advantage of this Tax Benefit, we would issue you with a TAX CERTIFICATE on receipt of your donation, which you may submit to your auditors for a tax rebate.

Please note that these benefits apply to South African donors only.